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Showreel 2016

A visual summary of selected projects i’ve worked on.


These are my key strengths.
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Pipelining & Technical Direction

Become more effective & speed up production!

Analysing problems in production needs and develop process orientated solutions is a strong skill i gained and increased over the last years. The intuitiveness, speed and overall efficiency of a tool are top priorities for designing and creating tools that artists actually want to use and really help them to get to the next level and endure more flow at it. In my view, the ultimate goal is to speed up production processes to safe time but also to increase effectivity in production workflow which both results in better time/money management.

- workflow enhancement
- renderfarm management and scripting
- server administration (win/linux/unix)

Compositing & Look Development

I do great work at finalising your images.

My post production skills started with photoshop version 6.0 - up to now, achieving powerful manipulations and retouches - ready for your next project.

Up-to-date, I gained extensive knowledge in post production of full-CG projects and the integration of visual effects in real films. In production, my strengths for color, contrast and composition, help me to achieve the best results for the client needs. I can build and work with complex compositions and grade fine looks shot by shot.

One of my best skills in comp is, to reuse cgi layers (e.g. custom mattes, 3d-gradients) in new creative ways to build a beautifull look for animation projects. If needed i produce my own footage and layers for comp using Maya/Softimage/VRay/Redshift to get things working.

3D Production

Lighting, Texturing & Render Wrangling.

As 3D artist, my main work focus on Lighting, Texturing and Rendering.
Years before i have been a professional photographer of my own, with a detailed sense for light, shadow and contrast. This helped me a lot for creating product lighting as well as interior and exterior environment setups. Together with shading includins complex UVs unwrapping, i setup renderscenes easily and deploy renderfarmes.

I am very familiar with VRay (>5 years) and Redshift (>2 years) as well with MentalRay (>3years) and can handle complex rendersetups. Together with my post production skills i create custom 3D render elements to achieve visual effects and custom looks in post production.


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About Me

About me, my expertise and my achievements.


I am a Diplom Digital Artist, residing in Germany, Berlin. As Artist, my favorite tasks are supervising, compositing and developing pipeline tools for production. In September 2008 I received my last degree, Diploma Digital Artist @ The German Film School. Since 2008, I specialized in creating photo-realistic automotive visualizations for animation and print.
Today i use my Automotive and Commercials had been my work since today. I push the results of my work by combining my knowledge of 3D, Compositing and Programming for production.


- In-Depth Python experience (4 years) including PlugIn development for Nuke and other software
- Cross Platform development for Windows, MacOSX, Linux
- Interface design in Nuke (2,5 years) and PyQt
- Experienced in R&D and strong at “Problem Solving”
- Great Team Player with excellent Communication skills, able to meet challenging Deadlines
- Experienced in working closely with Artists, Production and R&D, fulfilling their needs
- Operator experience in Nuke (5 years), Fusion (<3 years), Shake (<2 years) and Photoshop (>10 years)


- Developed a complex pipeline with software bindings (i.E. Nuke) used by Effekt-Etage (over 3 years) in all steps of production like I/O, Compositing, Rendering –> greatly improving the workflow.
- Developed a widely used Script Suite for Nuke which allows compositors to build up complex comp tress from scratch, fail-check, correct, clean and optimize huge complex nuke scenes, handling complex scenes with over 50.000 Nodes.
- Developed a Shader for Eyeon Fusion based on Fresnel and Normal Map Input which allows compositors to completely produce a real car paint for automotive visualisations, adding and tweaking with simple sliders without having to rerender the scene.

"My passion for my job keeps me pushing my knowledge and potentials increasing the quality of my work continuously"

Marc Mantei


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